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Building Careers, Shaping Futures: Discover Your Next Move with SHAERP

SHAERP offers Payrolling, Contracting and Staffing/Recruitment services, which individually or jointly lead to unburdening the client with regard to the hiring process and strategy regarding the flexible layer.

SHAERP distinguishes itself through the fast, flexible, transparent and high-quality execution of processes. The client can hire cost-effectively and risk-free and can focus on its own core business.

Within IT, SHAERP has a very broad focus and the incoming requests vary enormously. Our areas of work: Testing | ERP | oracle | Architecture | CRM | Infrastructure | NetworkSecurity | Web Development | Database Admin | Project management | juice | Process Design | support | Business Intelligence | ServiceNow | SCRUM | Business Consultancy |

Streamline Your Recruitment Process with Our MSP Services

A Managed Service Provider, or MSP, means that the recruitment, selection and management of temporary staff (self-employed, interim, secondment, etc.) and all work in this regard are managed on an external basis. All personnel requests, supplier contacts, administrative handling and budget monitoring are managed and monitored by the party providing the MSP. The main objectives of an MSP are cost savings, process optimization and attracting the best temporary talent.

An MSP solution from SHAERP brings many benefits.

We list some of them:

  • Streamlined processes to reduce both hiring time and burdens for hiring managers
  • Supplier management based on the factors most relevant to you, from candidate quality to response speed
  • Implementing controlled processes to reduce risks related to purchase and hiring
  • Preselection and smooth on- and offboarding of External Resources by SHAERP
  • Full compliance in the field of hiring liability, Pre Employment Screening (PES) and internal guidelines in the field of, for example, intellectual property and security
  • Optional: SHAERP sets up a Resource Desk with highly experienced specialists in your sector, often on-site. SHAERP enters into agreements with preferred suppliers and manages strategic vendor relationships on behalf of the customer

Flexible Staffing Solutions for Your Business with Our Contracting Services

Contracting involves coordinating and handling agreements with freelancers, self-employed persons and lenders. SHAERP is your neutral vendor manager who carries out the entire hiring process, financially and administratively, efficiently and cost-effectively. SHAERP ensures compliance for the full 100%.

In addition, we advise and guide Dutch and also international organizations. Among other things, by acting as a back office for intermediaries established abroad. The mediators focus only on placing specialists. SHAERP takes care of the entire contracting process for these organizations in the Netherlands.

Flexibility of being completely free of risk.


Payroll offers convenience, profit and security to employers of all sizes.

As a certified payroll company, SHAERP hires the existing or newly hired employees. SHAERP therefore becomes a legal employer of the employees who are employed by you. As a client, you keep control of your employees. SHAERP takes care of salary payment and all other employer obligations. You are completely free of risks such as absenteeism and dismissal law. You are optimally flexible and have one less worry. And you still keep the bond with your employees.

Some advantages at a glance:
  • Self-tuning the number of hours or the amount of work
  • You pay for the hours worked, not standard for a whole day
  • No payroll
  • All payments are paid correctly and on time
  • You don't pay payroll tax to the tax authorities yourself
  • You don’t pay wages if your employee is sick
  • Keeping the recruitment and selection of staff in your own hands
  • No setup fees
  • Stop the employment with your employee whenever you want
  • Decide for yourself how long you want to work with SHAERP

You will soon join the employer through a payroll construction.

Some advantages at a glance
  • Timely and correct payout
  • Expert helpdesk for questions about pay matters
  • There is always a CLA (ABU)
  • Pension accrual via payroll company
  • Possibilities for collective insurance
Information for employees
Do you have questions about your wages, travel expenses, claims or other matters?
  • Please contact: support@shaerp.nl
  • Please note that different procedures apply to some clients.
Sick report?
  • Call SHAERP and your client before 10 a.m. More information is stated in the sick leave regulations.
  • Please note that different procedures apply to some clients

Completely independent, but still insured? That's possible!

You work completely independently with payrolling. You decide who you work for and at what rate. You also determine the working hours yourself. Payrolling is therefore no different from self-employment in this.

How does it work? You choose your clients yourself and make agreements with them about the work and the rate. You tell SHAERP how many hours you have worked and for what rate. We will pay the invoice amount for you and pay out immediately. The client receives the total invoice from us. So you don't have to worry about that anymore. Well the lusts, but not the burdens!

The advantages:

  • You are insured against illness and disability
  • No worrying about your debtors
  • Invoices are paid quickly
  • No registration with the Chamber of Commerce
  • No VAR statement required
  • The ability to work for one client
  • Focus entirely on your ‘real’ work
  • You keep your freedom and choose when you work and for which client

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